Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lips + Haul

Hello my lovelies! Metallic lips are super hot right now, thanks to Kylie Jenner, so I thought I would see what the trend is all about! Swatches and full reviews included.

I ordered a couple things from Colourpop over the 4th of July holiday, and they only just arrived. In addition to the Ultra Metallic Lips, I ordered another Ultra Matte Lipstick and two Super Shock Shadows (my personal fav product from the brand). But lets start with the Metallic Lips, shall we?

This is the first time I’ve ever had drama with a Colourpop order before. Not only did one of my shadows arrive broken, but the Metallic Liquid Lipsticks were also in rough shape.

As you can see in the photos, the tubes look like they are legit empty. I swirled the want around inside and all the product scraped right off the sides of the tube. I contacted customer service and they assured me that the tubes are filled to net weight.



I don’t know if they changed the applicator for this formula, but I’m not loving them. They’re just too fluffy for me, a bit more difficult to apply.


The shadow being broken really isn’t Colourpop’s fault, I’m just sort of upset that after waiting over two weeks for these products to arrive, most of them were in bad condition.

I have contacted customer service about getting replacements and they have sent out a replacement for the shadow. I don’t blame the brand, I’m just a little thrown off by the situation.

Anyways, onto the swatches!

Ultra Matte Lip in Trap


Super Shock Shadow in DGAF + I Heart This


God I love these shadows. DGAF is almost a duochrome, it has a bit of a greeny gold reflect, but it’s so beautiful!!

Ultra Metallic Lip in Man EaterIMG_3988

Ultra Metallic Lip in KweenIMG_8442

So I like the metallic lips. But they are hella metallic. Like glitter. Really pretty, but intense metallic. The formula is more like the Ultra Satin Lips, because they don’t dry down all the way and will transfer, but they also stay in place and wear for a long time. The pigmentation is really good, just the actual application is tricky. All in all, I like them, but won’t order more just because I have no idea if I’m actually going to wear them out.

I hope you all enjoyed! Please follow me for more new beauty and lifestyle posts!

I love you all so much!





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