New Estee Edit

Exciting things are happening in the world of makeup! Estee Lauder has launched a new campaign called Estee Edit, which is targeted towards younger makeup lovers. Today I have full reviews on four of their new products.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for testing purposes, but all opinions are 100% my own. I am not being paid or anything like that for making this post 🙂



Can we just take a moment please? Girl, Estee did not disappoint on the packaging of these products. The boxes are all white with cobalt blue splat accents, and it speaks to my soul. The products themselves are all silver, with some white accents (perfect for displaying on my vanity because they match my aesthetic).

So packaging, 10 outta 10, my girl Estee knocked it out of the park!

Beam Team Hydrate + Glow

I’m honestly a bit confused by this product. I think it’s meant to be a hydrating, luminous primer, but it also says on the box that you can wear it without any other makeup, or mix it into your other face products. It comes in a squeeze tube, and in the lid there is a cream highlighter to intensify the glow. The product is a bronze shade, which I like. Even though I am pale as a baby, it doesn’t look like I bathed in bronzer, it just gives the skin a healthy, moisturized glow. All in all, I really like wearing this on no makeup days and under my foundation. It is hydrating but not oily, which I appreciate for day time. On the other hand, the cream highlighter in the lid is okay, but not the best shade for my personal skin tone. It’s a bit too bronzy for me, but if I had a tan I’m sure I would really like it.

Solid 9 outta 10, way to go Estee Lauder. I’m impressed so far.

Flash Illuminator

Girl. A few weeks ago I did a review on the Hard Candy Illuminate & Strobing Drops, and this is that product on stereoroids. It is a liquid illuminator, but a bit thicker, more like a cream. It comes with a pump (thank the lord) and the packaging kills me. It’s so beautiful, not glittery whatsoever, but so glowy and reflective. I mixed it in with my foundation, used it as a primer, and applied it as a highlighter. I love how versatile it is, just really an all around great product. However, if you are blessed with a more chocolate complexion, this may be too stark on you (unless that’s what you’re looking for, then go for it girl, you do you) because it is white. But if you are light to medium, yaas girl.

100 outta 10. Yaas. I die.

Pore Vanishing Stick


I’ve tried this three times now, so I think I have good opinion on it. Let me say first though, that I don’t really have large pores. My main issue is skin texture, like hyper pigmentation, redness, and little bumps. So I can’t really tell you if this will actually fill in your pores. But, I can tell you that this makes your foundation glide on sooooo incredibly smoothly. It goes on clear (hence the reason I didn’t bother swatching it for you guys), and makes application tons easier.

I can’t give this an accurate rating because I can’t tell you if the product actually does what it says it will.

The Barest Lip Color shade 05 In The Buff

I love the packaging on the lipstick. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but the silver tube has a white wash on the top, it’s so chic and modern, I die guys. The formula is super moisturizing, and a bit more sheer than a traditional lipstick, but I personally prefer that. It gives the most gorgeous brown tint to the lips, while hydrating at the same time! Oh and by the way, all of these products kind of smell like grapefruit… I don’t know if they’re supposed too, but it’s a really subtle scent, so I don’t mind it at all.

8 outta 10, super nice for a natural or dramatic makeup look!

So guys, I hope you enjoyed this review! I think that this line as a whole is pretty popping, definitely worth checking out! I will probably order some different shades of the lipstick because I like the formula of it a lot.

As always, please follow me for more exciting things! I love you all, you guys honestly mean so much to me, and getting your comments and support is so encouraging!




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