Illuminate & Strobing Drops

Summer weather calls for dewy, glowing skin! Hard Candy has come out with these beautiful Illuminate & Strobing Drops which are perfect for a highlighted hot weather look!

I picked this baby up three days ago at Walmart for $8.00. The packaging says that you can mix them in with other products, like your foundation or primer, or you can use them by themselves as a liquid highlighter.



I think this product is really high quality! The bottle itself is heavy glass, with a dropper applicator. The dropper is plastic, but I think it looks really nice with the metallic pink logo. The dropper works well, you just push the button on the top to suck up and drop out the highlighter. It’s really elegant and goes with my aesthetic, so I’ve been displaying in on top of my vanity.



So this is obviously a straight up liquid highlighter. It has a really nice subtle pink reflect to it, but no big chunks of glitter or anything like that. I have tried it mixed in with my primer, foundation, and by itself on top of my cheek bones. I think I like it the most mixed in with my actual foundation, just because it just gives the most gorgeous lit from within look. I also like using it as a base for my Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter that I am in love with. It gives the skin a wet look, and I totally appreciate that there isn’t any glitter in it!!!

Overall, if you like dewy skin, you need this. For $8, it’s a really good deal, and you only need the tiniest bit of it! This is a hidden gem at the drugstore, and lets face it, not all of us (me)  can afford to go out and buy a $45 liquid highlighter (ahem, Becca Liquid Highlighters…).

I hope you enjoyed this review! Make sure to follow me for more news on my upcoming giveaway! I have a few products picked out for it already, but I haven’t decided when I should do it. Maybe at 250 followers? 500? Let me know what you think I should do, and just remember I love you all!

Stay Beautiful



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