DIY Marble Desk

I love marble. Marble everything, please. So I decided to marble my desk top! It turned out beautifully, I am in love with how it turned out. Here’s how I did it.


marble desk 2.JPG

Personally, I don’t have a couple hundred dollars to buy a real marble slab. Instead, I hopped on the internet and ordered two rolls of marble contact paper. It was about $7 a roll on


  • one or two rolls of marble contact paper (depending on the size of your desk top)
  • a ruler (to smooth out any air bubbles)
  • a friend to help with application (optional, but recommended)

The application of this was super simple; all I did was peel back a bit of the backing on the contact paper and smoothed the marble onto my desk. Pro Tip: work in small sections and be patient!

I made sure to leave extra paper on all the edges so I could wrap around them for a realistic look. To do this I cut a triangle into the edge portions and wrapped one side at a time, being sure to get rid of all the air bubbles.

And that’s it! It turned out amazing and was so easy to do! I also covered my dresser top because I loved it so much haha.

Make sure to follow me for more!! I hope this helped you out a bit or at least inspired you to change up your own space!



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