Eyelash Extensions: My Experience and FAQ

Hello beautiful people! Recently, I’ve been hearing more and more about people getting lash extensions. Of course after seeing tons of beautiful results, I decided to get them done myself!

If you haven’t heard of eyelash extensions before, it’s basically when individual eyelashes (or clusters of lashes) are glued to one of your natural eyelashes. The glue they use is different than normal strip lash adhesive; it doesn’t come off. Well, it comes off, but not until it’s removed with a special remover lol.

My Experience

So, I have average lashes. They are decently long I guess, but super straight and also sparse. I was looking mostly for more volume and thickness. Sooooo, I opted for the lash clusters.

The actual application process took about an hour and a half for my full set.

I had my extensions on for about a week and a half before they started shedding a tiny bit. At the 12 day mark, I started having some mild discomfort. It was kind of a pinching feeling at the base of my real lashes. It was super annoying so I went in and had them removed. I’m not a sensitive person, but I was just fed up with them honestly. I think what happened was that as my actual lashes started to grow out, the glue like made them stick together, making them uneven.

Did it hurt?

No, eyelash extensions should not hurt!!! It’s actually quite relaxing while getting them applied, but like I said above, I did have some slight discomfort as they grew out. I think the girl might have applied them incorrectly honestly.

Does it damage your natural lashes?

I’ve seen mixed answers to this. It doesn’t directly damage them, but some people do experience a bit of lash fallout. I have noticed that now my lashes are super short, but that could be because I was used to them looking long while I had on the extensions.

How much does it cost?

Higher cost doesn’t always mean higher quality, but at the same time, better to be safe than sorry. They range from around $60 to $200, depending on what you want done.


Yeah, so they are high maintenance. You need to brush them daily to ensure they don’t tangle. Getting them wet for the first 48 hours is a big no-no. AND NO MASCARA! When you remove the mascara, it is more likely for you to tear out the eyelashes or break down the glue. It’s also important not to get any oil around them. Oh, and don’t sleep on your stomach (like me) because they will get all kinds of messed up.

All in all, for me, I wouldn’t do it again. It’s just too high maintenance. I don’t have time for constant infills, or the patience to not get them wet when I shower and wash my face everyday. They looked amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I would rather just take the extra 2 minutes to put on some mascara.



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