Guys. For real, these new Wet n Wild brushes are no joke. I picked these up a couple of days ago and cannot put them down. They are so stinking soft and fluffy!


(From left to right: large concealer brush, medium shadow brush, small shadow brush, and the last two are contour brushes)

In all honesty, I actually found these brushes at my local dollar store. So I got them for ONE DOLLAR. So if you are in the market, definitely hit up the dollar store and see if they have any. If they don’t, no big deal, because full price these babies are still only a few dollars. Like, all under five.

The bristles are just fantastic. Ignore the fact that mine are dirty because I have been using them, but the fade from pink to white. They are super fluffy and great at blending. They pick up just the right amount of product. I use the bigger brushes for basically everything; powder, bronzer, blush.

The shape of the handle is handy on the eye brushes. There is a little divot towards the bristles for easy handling. These brushes are great for packing on color all over the lid, and work amazingly well with colourpop shadows.

Overall, these are the best brushes from the drugstore that I’ve ever used, as well as some of the most affordable. So definitely grab these if you are looking for some new brushes!


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