Color Correcting for a Flawless Face

I’ve never really had super bad acne that I needed to cover with makeup, but I have struggled with a lot of redness for most of my life. I found myself using a high coverage foundation to cover it, even though I have pretty decent skin. I was just sick and tired of the cake face, so I decided to try color correcting.

If you don’t know what color correcting is, it’s basically using opposite colors on the color wheel to cancel out discoloration on the face. You can use this method to cover dark circle, redness, dark spots, or even just to brighten your skin. Use 1) a peachy color to conceal dark circles or spots, 2) green to tone down redness, and 3) lavender to brighten your complexion. NOTE: You pretty much can only use this method underneath foundation, unless you don’t mind having colorful spots all over your face. That could be cool too.


So I’m going to be using this little gem to color correct my face. This is the Coastal Scents Camo Quad which you can grab here. This is one of the best products I have ever tried for color correcting! It’s super blendable and really cancels out those red tones.


I started off by applying the green shade from the quad to my red areas (my t zone and the bottoms of my cheeks). Then I applied the peach shade under my eyes, only where there is darkness, not in the triangle shape that you would apply normal concealer in. At this point, I’m looking a little crazy. That’s what you want, don’t freak out. Next I just blend the colors out SLIGHTLY. You don’t want them to completely disappear. Just blend a little to evenly distribute the product. Finally, apply a light layer of foundation to your entire face. I use a beauty blender for this so I don’t move any of the concealer we already applied, just in dabbing motions. I went in with a tiny bit of undereye concealer as well, but you don’t really need to. The dark circles are already concealer by that peach shade, I just wanted to brighten a bit.


That’s how it turned out! Basically zero redness or darkness without caking on the foundation. I hope this helped some of you guys out and leave any questions down below!



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