NARS Ita Brush Review

I know that I’m probably the last person on the planet to get this brush. It is talked about A LOT in the beauty community, and people either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it. If you’re interested in finding out what I personally thought of the brush, just keep reading!




I don’t know how to say this… but this brush sucks guys. Please please please do not think that you need this in your life. It costs $55. For one brush. And, yeah, you know, there are some super expensive brushes that are actually really great and worth the money, but this is not one of them. I feel really bad saying that because I honestly love NARS and think that a lot of their products are amazing (the audacious lipsticks are the BOMB), so please don’t feel like I’m just out here trying to trash the brand or something. I’m not. Anyways, I’m going to go through why I don’t like this brush, then mention the pros if you’re someone who is going to buy it no matter what I say 🙂

  1. IT SHEDS SO BAD: If I’m going to shell out over fifty bucks on a brush, I expect it to not shed. I’m not talking a hair here and there, I mean like legit you’re trying to get that contour on fleek and you end up with an entire cat worth the hair on your face.
  2. EASY TO GO OVERBOARD: I love a strong contour sometimes, but if you were to accidentally get too much product on the brush, it’s kinda difficult to blend out. I find that I need to go back in with a different brush just to blend it out.
  3. SO MANY BETTER, CHEAPER OPTIONS: There are a ton of brushes similar to this one that blend the product out like a dream and don’t shed. Elf makes one for $6 and I’ve never had a problem with it.


  1. NOSE CONTOUR: This brush does make contouring the nose super easy. But then again, I’m sure the Elf brush or another similar one would get the job done.
  2. IT’S PRETTY: If you just like having nice things, go for it. The brush itself is really sleek and elegant.

That’s it guys! Again, please don’t take this review the wrong way. Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t, I’m just posting this review to let other people know that if you’re on a budget, you don’t need to go out and buy this brush.



7 thoughts on “NARS Ita Brush Review

  1. Yesss! An honest review finally. I’ve seen people use this and rave about it but I had my doubts. I’ll check out the Elf one but definitely not this! Do you think the shedding is something you could test in store or is it only when you’re using it? X

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