$1 Makeup Haul & Mini Review: Shop Miss A

Shop Miss A is an online store where everything is literally ONE DOLLAR! They have makeup, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, skin care, and more. All the brands they carry are 100% cruelty free as well. I’ve order a few things from this store in the past, but I thought that I would share what I purchased this time! And, as always, I paid for these items with my own money and all reviews are my own, honest opinion.


This is the Starry Creamy Concealer Palette in the shade #4. I guess I accidentally ordered two of the same color, but I meant to get the shade #2 as well, which has a couple of green tones in it for cancelling out redness. This palette is pretty decent for a dollar. It’s not as dry as some other concealer palettes I’ve tried and it’s very pigmented and blendable. IMG_0612

You guys know that I’m not a big blush person, but I thought that for a dollar I might as well grab one. This is the Ms. Chick Universally Flattering Blush in shade 01 Petal. The thing with blushes is that high pigmentation is not always a good thing because it makes it easy to go overboard. So while this color is gorgeous and the product is good, it’s a little powdery and maybe too pigmented for my taste. IMG_0614

Hi my name is Maddi and I’m addicted to foundation. I just can’t stop guys. I am on a mission to find my holy grail affordable foundation. This one actually surprised me! It’s the Amuse Flawless Liquid Foundation. The quality is pretty good. It dries to a matte finish and has great coverage. I’ve been using it with my beauty blended just to thin it out a bit, because for a liquid it is quite thick. It can get a little cakey if you try to build it up, but other than that I have no complaints. IMG_0617

I love wearing purples in the spring so I picked up this Klean Color Madly Matte Lipstick in Wild Orchid. It’s really good: super pigmented, long lasting, not overly drying on the lips. For $1? 10 out of 10 would recommend. IMG_0616

I was looking forward to this the most! It’s the Klean Color Brow Pomade in the shade Medium Brown. My only gripe with this is that I’m blonde. Like ash blonde. So I’m pretty sure I ordered the shade taupe, not medium brown. It’s way too dark for me, but putting the shade aside I really like the formula. It’s basically waterproof and gives a nice sculpted look to the brows. IMG_0615

These are my two favorites out of everything: Just Kolour Invisible Cover Concealer in shade 1 and 3. And the name is the perfect description of these concealers. They have really good coverage but it doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything!! They are super long lasting, don’t move around or crease under the eyes, and are actually waterproof. I’ve been using the shade number 1 under my eyes everyday. It’s actually really funny, I was at Ulta doing some browsing and one of the associates complimented my under eye highlight and I was like, oh, thanks, I got it for a dollar. IMG_0618

This is another Klean Color Madly Matte Lipstick in Orchard. It’s just like the first one in quality and I really like the color. IMG_0619

I was a bit disappointed with this L.A. Colors Lipliner in Hazelnut. It’s just not that great. Kinda dry and hard to apply. But the pigmentation is there and the color is beautiful, so I can make it work.

This is another flop: the MM Two Way Powder in vanilla. You’re supposed to be able to use this powder wet as a foundation (which I have not yet tried) and as a normal setting powder. The color is what threw me. It’s really pink. I was hoping it would be more yellow toned, but oh well. It’s not bad. IMG_0621

Last but certainly not least are these two pairs of Kara Eyelashes and the Kara Lash Adhesive in clear. I’ve been venturing out into the world of false lashes recently and I really like these. The pair in #S3 are great for a natural look, as the band is clear and the lashes aren’t dramatic. I’m still working on my application technique (and not gluing my eye shut…) so if any of you guys have any suggestions on the best way to apply lashes, PLEASE let me know!! Anyways, so far so good with the lashes and glue.

That’s it for this haul! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I would love to know if any of you have ever ordered off Shop Miss A and what you thought of it!



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