How to Take a Good Picture

The majority of people nowadays, teens and adults, are on some form of social media. It’s easier than ever to share information, opinions, and my favorite, pictures. What you post is here to stay, so it’s important to know how to get good, quality content. 

Instagram is one of my favorite platforms, but a lot of the pictures I see, and okay some of my own posts, haven’t been that good. The quality and subject matter is poor quality. I don’t have a gigantic amount of followers, but I like to believe that I post good pictures that are fun to look at. So here are some tips from me on how to take a good picture. 

1. Use a good(ish) camera

You don’t have to go out and buy a $500 dollar camera, but try not to use a one with a poor quality lens. The picture can turn out grainy and kill the beauty of what you are capturing. Most smart phones have great cameras, you just have to learn how to use them. 

2. Position your content

Sometimes it’s not the best idea to have your subject matter directly in the center of your photo; try slightly offsetting it instead. 

3. Lighting and background

Lighting is super important as it effects the quality of the pic. It works well to take pictures, like selfies, with the light shining on your face, not coming from behind. This also effects the background image, which is as important as the central focus. Use a background that complements the central focus of the pic. 

Here is an unedited picture from my Instagram. I just layed on my bed, utilizing my beautiful DIY pillows that I made. Notice the background, offset of my face, and use of space. 

4. Filters

Don’t go crazy. One filter is enough and you don’t need to over edit the picture. 

Here is that same picture with a filter. It added a hazy, lighted effect but didn’t overwhelm the picture. I didn’t edit anything else-it’s that simple. One filter and boom, great pic (in my opinion). 


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